The next step in production capacity utilization.
Offer or request manufacturing capacity for better performance and higher profitability.

It’s Not About Us

Goalse is an environment for connecting suppliers with manufacturers, subcontractors with main entrepreneurs or developers with prototype producers. Our unique platform allows easily to co-operate with other users around the world: develop products, launch production or solve logistical issues. Manufacturing co-operation and outsourcing have never been so simple like with Goalse.


Main idea of Goalse is to promote sustainable economy trough effective usage of resources and production capacity. Optimizing production, shipping or logistic expenses will decrease need of investments, lower consumer prices and spare materials.

Goalse will guide entrepreneurs in main steps of production, help by choosing partners and solve logistical problems. Producers and service providers can publicize their available / unused capacity or promote special capability in specific issues.

Goalse will bring together needs and wants in best feasibility form / combination.

Status Quo

Today Goalse team is active in developing uniform platform which is suitable for different needs of all users. We appreciate for your ideas and suggestions within this process.

At the moment we have launched early version of Goalse, but stay tuned for upcoming announcements.