The next step in production capacity utilization.
Offer or request manufacturing capacity for better performance and higher profitability.

Polo shirts T-Shirts Hoodies and Track suites

Please note, this capacity is expired and may not valid any more.

We are Manufacturers and Exporter of All Type sports Gear

We can Make Custom Made Products using your logos designs sizes ETC
in Best Quality and Supply at Lowest Prices.

Samples for approval will be as per your Demand

Our product list is given as,
MMA/Grappling Gear:
1- MMA Shorts
2- MMA/Grappling Gloves
3- Rash Guards
4- Hoodies
5- T-Shirts
6- Sportswear
7- Gymwear
8- Fitnesswear
9- Boxingwear
10- Cyclingwear

Martial Arts Gi's:
Lowest 1- Brazilian Jujitsu Gi's
2- Karate Gi's
3- Judo Gi's
1)  wears
2) Fitness wears
3) Gym Wears
4) Compression Wears.
5) Cycling wears
6) Hoodies and sweatshirts 100% cotton
7) Soft shell jackets, Hard shell jackets.
8) American F.B Jerseys
9) Basket ball jerseys 
10 ) Polo jerseys
11) Leather wears.           12) boxing gears.
13) All caps
and Many More as per your requirement.
Kind Regards.
Osmanek Sports

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Capacity Details
  • Capacity: 100 pieces
  • Price: Euro
  • Category: Agricultural and live animal production
  • Location: Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Company: Osmanek Sports
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