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Good marketing in Indonesia 1-20t/h completely timber biomass pellet production line price

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The price of the biomass pellet  assembly line is determined by the raw materials  made use of. For example, if the raw  products are branches  as well as trunks with high moisture  material, they  ought to be  broken - crushed -  dried out - granulated - packed -  delivered. It  generally depends on what  resources are  utilized. 350  kind biomass pellet  maker equipment 38,000,  design: 350  kind 300 ~ 500 kg per  hr, 450  kind 500 ~ 800 kg, 560 type 1 ~ 1.5 tons, 600 type 2  lots, 850 type 3 ~ 4  bunches.

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The  excellent  marketing in Indonesia  totally biomass pellet  assembly line  rate  relies on your  basic materials  as well as  outcome size.  First off, you  require to know what your  basic materials are. The raw  products are ready-made sawdust or  timber chips  and also the moisture content of the materials is 10%-15%. A  manufacturing facility offered new  innovation wood pellet  device is enough. If your  resources are  unrefined logs, branches, etc need to be  crushed by a wood chipper  as well as biomass crusher,  after that dried in a dryer (if the  dampness exceeds 15%, it needs to be dried),  after that the  major  device is granulated,  and afterwards the packaging  device  loads this  collection of  assembly line.

 Recognizing your  basic materials is about the  result. The  outcome of the biomass pellet mill  equipment is different  as well as the model is different, so the  rate is also different. The biomass pellet  assembly line  rate is not  just a matter of reporting a number,  yet it is  required to formulate a plan and  quote according to your requirements.

First of all, the raw material moisture requirements of wood pellets are very strict. The  dampness content of the  product is too high, which  obstructs the die holes,  to make sure that the particles can not be  created; if the  dampness  web content of the material is  as well  reduced, if it is  as well  completely dry, it is  difficult to form,  and also the  thickness is not enough.

 Normally 12%-13%, 15-20% of the raw  product  wetness after  inflection is the  requirement for  pushing wood pellets. If the raw material  wetness is  expensive, the mold resistance  and also slipping phenomenon  will certainly  take place after the raw material  gets in the biomass pelletizer ring die;  focus on  manage the  wetness  material of the raw material  prior to  going into the biomass pelleting  maker, If the water content is too high, there will be slippage in the ring die, resulting in the  sensation that it is  hard to  release.

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If your  resources  dampness  satisfies the  demands, a biomass wood pellet press  maker can  create wood pellets. If it does not meet the requirements, it  requires to be dried, so it needs to be  geared up with a wood  clothes dryer and a  warm blast  range.  Obviously this is if your raw material is  timber chips. If your  resources is wood chips ( density less than 0.5 mm), it needs to be  crushed, which  amounts  including  an additional  procedure. Some  clients' raw materials are bark, which is  additionally possible after adding a wood pulverizer.
 Nonetheless, some customers'  resources are  timber scraps,  due to the fact that the  cost of  timber scraps is cheap and easy to  get, so there are  numerous  instances, then it is  needed to add a wood chipper, first to  reduce the non-standard  timber scraps into  timber chips, and then  most likely to crush.
For some customers whose  resources are waste  structure  themes, it is  required to  alter the  timber chipper to a bamboo plywood crusher.

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Because the bamboo plywood itself has  several iron nails, it is  extremely  simple to damage the knife on the wood chipper when  making use of a  timber chipper. Another  factor is that the waste  structure  design template is  reasonably  large,  as well as the feed port of the wood chipper is  normally 1250px.

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It is  difficult to manually  damage it in advance, right? The bamboo plywood crusher can enter  any type of bamboo plywood with a feed opening of less than 1.25 m,  and also the gnawing knife of the bamboo plywood crusher is an ingot  blade, and the iron nails have little effect on him.

Unlike  timber chippers, the blades are  conveniently damaged. Bamboo plywood is  likewise an advantage of making wood pellets.  Normally, its  wetness  web content is very  little, between 15-20%.  As a result,  making use of bamboo plywood as pellets saves the  difficulty of wood drying  devices.

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Capacity Details
  • Capacity: 1-20T/H
  • Price: 50000-2800000USD
  • Category: Energy production related industry
  • Location: Not specified
  • Company: Richi Machinery
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